Ruggero Gilyarevsky is a Russian pioneer of the information science field.  He has made significant contributions to the field through many publications and his work at All-Union Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, better known as VINITI.  Gilyarevsky considers his most significant writings to be The Fundamentals of Scientific Information (1965), The Fundamentals of Informatics (1968), and Scientific Communications and Informatics (1972).

He has been invited to speak at many conferences throughout his career, including ASIS&T’s 54th annual conference in 1991, where he presented the scientific information activities of the Soviet Union.  He continues to be active in the field in Russia working at VINITI, Moscow State University, and National Resarch University’s High School of Economics.  Gilyarevsky is an active member of Russia’s Association of Information Workers, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., and All-Russian Society for Information Workers.



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